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Treasure Knitting is a storytelling and knitting pattern book for responsible knitters with beautiful photos.
Through the Treasure knitting book, you will find out where our yak, camel, and sartuul sheep fibers are coming from and more about daily life and important festivals of our Nepalese spinners that transform the fibers into beautiful yarns.
Beautiful photos from professional photographers accompany all stories, including two prefaces.
One of Julia Chitrakar is an Action- Researcher and Consultant on Gender. She writes about the importance of the Economic Empowerment of Nepali women.
The second one is Enkh Amgalan Tseelei, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation program coordinator. She is writing about her memories and the life of Herder women in Mongolia.
Besides unique patterns designed by Eri Shimizu, you will follow the four seasons and read about Mongolian and Nepalese nature and festivals.
In each season, we tell a story of a special celebration or place. These stories inspired Eri to design a beautiful item you can knit with our yarns

While knitting the products, you travel to both countries and learn more about the beautiful surroundings, people, and animals.

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