10 Years in the making
10 Years in the Making
“Time, for a hand knitter, accrues, attenuates, shifts gradually, moving on in its own folds and gathers rather than straight lines.”
Millarrochy Heids
Designs in Fair Isle motief voor mutsen.
Five light knits for layering in Milarrochy Tweed
An inkling might be regarded as the very beginning of a thought . . .
Inspired by Islay
In this stunning collection, Kate takes inspiration from Islay’s landscape to create twelve new designs.
Blue Stockings
Designs in Fair Isle motief voor truien, sjaals, mutsen.
In Allover, Kate Davies has gathered together a colourful collection to capture the joy of stranded knitting.
The book of HAPS
The book of Haps is een inspirerend boek met ontwerpen voor shawls.
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